New blog

It’s 2018, I think it’s time for me to start writing blog posts. A lot of people told me writing will improve my thinking, my understanding on the topic i write. Also, by writing, I hope I can share things I am passionate about to larger audience.

I will mainly write posts about these topics:

  • Strong typed language: after learning a bit of Haskell and Idris, I am very interested in how these languages can help us write better software.
  • Unix-like system and cli tools: I spend most of my time in tmux and vim, I believe terminal apps can help you boost your productivity a lot compared to GUI app. Also I would like to understand more about Unix-like system. I am using Arch linux but also keep an eye on NixOS.
  • Devops tools: vm, container, scheduler … One day I will control one thousand servers by myself.
  • Others: can be random topics that catches my attention, such as c, compiler, build x from scratch or how special Nier: Automata is and you should play it.

That’s it for the first post to test out my setup, see you next week.

P/S: Did you know you can read this blog without JavaScript? And yes, it’s responsive.

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